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Ozzy Osbourne ¬¬

John Michael Osbourne (born 3 December 1948 in Aston, Birmingham) is a British singer-songwriter with a career spanning over 40 years of activity. In the beginning, was part of the original lineup of the prestigious heavy metal band Black Sabbath which is credited with being the creator of this genre, in the early '70s, then started a solo career in early 80s, achieving great success and again revolutionizing, is known as "The Godfather of Heavy Metal and" The Prince of Darkness . He has been certified by the multiplatinum RIAA for sales of several of her albums solitario.2 the turn of the century has also acquired extensive media coverage, especially for his appearance on the reality show broadcast by MTV The Osbournes, based on the day to date of its issue family.

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Panama Tradional Parties

Hi here Tomás today im gonna talk you about the Panamenians Tradiotonal Parties.

Ok this parties are celebrated from the November 3 to the 28 November.

The good of all this stuff is that in that week there´s no school YAY! :D

Anyway in this tradition the Panamenian people make different parties including fests and carnivals. In this parties they dress themselves with fancy costumes including there typical dresses.

This parties are very nice because they celebrate they independency day of the Spanish people and also the independency day of Colombia, they also celebrate the first scream for independency, and the Flag day. Made by Tomás Vidriales .And that´s it for now guys hope you enjoyed the next segment is gonna be done by my teamate Gorka Escalada.

The traditional things of Panamá are: The Sancocho that is a typical food that contains chicken, corn etc., The
rice with chicken its other typical food.
The typical skirt that is use to dance and the typical costume of the man.
Of this party are celebrate 3 of November to 28 November.
By Gorka Escalada

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Thinking Internationally

Hi this past Friday 22 in the Panamerican School an event crowed up the atention of many people.

Yeah you´re right it was the Thinking Internationally day!.

Haaahhahahahha my grade´s (6th) country was Sudan and we enjoyed a lot with other people explaining them the characteristics of Sudan

But not only we did this also did 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th participed not excluding the guys form secudary.

The job was make walls full of pctures representig our given for this.

In conclusion it was very fun and we hope the next year we can also enjoy this show !

Cya guys! By Tomás.

Next segment by Gorka.

Thinking Internationally

I enjoyed, I saw a lot of countries, I saw Sudafrica, Nigeria,Tanzania and I explained the people about the info in Sudan.

Like: What´s the thypical foods in Sudan.

I sticked stickers to the people.

by Gorka Esacalada:)

Next Segment by Arturo.

At thinking internationally I learn that Sudan is the biggest African country.

Also I learn that Ismail Ahmed Ismail is the athlete of Sudan he win the silver medal at the 800 Meters at the Olimpic games of Pekin at the 2008.

Hello guys, my name is Gorka. I have a dog named Marley. He is very young (10 months old), but seems older. He always has a sad face, but is a very happy dog. The only problem is that he is always barking, and our neighbors sometimes get upset with him.

All he needs is a lot of care and love. But we must to be careful, he is a little bit crazy because eats my shoes, socks, pants and everything that is close to him. He bit several times my iPod Touch, and did not work anymore.

In spite of, I love my dog Marley.

Gorka Escalada ;-)

Im sorry i have a problem uploading my vid to blogger but whatever here´s the link watch it on YouTube! --------------http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5o1XmPA4dA---------(-:D)


Animal Pictures

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